Sunday, June 7, 2020

Response to Bishop Cythia Moore-Koikoi's Letter on George Floyd's Death and Racism!

Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi sent a letter to those on her email list of the Western PA Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church on the occasion of the tragic death of George Floyd and the issue of racism. I responded on June 1st to the letter and this response is printed below. This will make the 7th letter I have sent to the bishop with copies going to members of the cabinet most times. My first letter to her was shortly after she was appointed to be the episcopal leader of the W. PA Annual Conference in 2016. To this date I never once received a reply from her. I expect this time will be no different than in the case of the previous 6 letters! She will likely be upset with some things said in my response! It is almost an unwritten law in the United Methodist Church -- one is to never question, criticize, or even make suggestions to a bishop!


To inform you a bit as to where I am coming from on this issue I need to give you a bit of background. One of the very best buddies I had when I did my military time was black. Having no vehicle, he rode each day with me from New Bern to our squadron where we worked at Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station. There isn’t a thing he wouldn’t have done for me if it had been within his power to do so, nor I for him. And over the years I have become friends with a number of African Americans for whom I have the greatest appreciation and respect.

I also am greatly disturbed at the tragic death of George Floyd and the circumstances under which it occurred as well as the rioting resulting. And I do agree with the sign often posted that says, “Black lives matter!” As you highly stress in your remarks, it is a crisis of racism. However, you seem to overlook the fact that racism is a two way street! A picture was recently posted of a young black who killed an elderly couple visiting the grave of a relative in a cemetery! Or the killing of a white police officer from Grand Forks by a black recently! No protesting nor riots as a result of this due mainly to the fact that the mainstream media did not give this 24 hour blanket coverage! Obviously the skin colors of the victims and the killers were not considered “politically correct” by the mainstream media – actually, it is more accurate to use the term, slipstream, as applied to that bunch.

You bishops are rather selective when it comes to speaking against violence. You have much to say about the recent incident, but how does that compare to what you have said about the intentional murders and dismemberment of tens of millions of unborn children since 1973? Our national track record at this point is over 61 million victims, each of whom God claimed to be forming in the womb and whom He identifies as persons for whom He has a purpose! As mentioned, silence is common among UMC bishops regarding this violence of the first magnitude! See Further, this is the major factor in bringing the wrath of God down upon this republic just as He brought a devastating judgment upon the kingdom of Judah when it was ruled by king Zedekiah – see summary in 2 Chronicles 36. This policy of the violent killing of thousands of unborn children each week has got to stop >>

However, as we start to recover from the pandemic and eventually move beyond the season of riots, it is obvious that a majority want to get hammers in their hands and start pounding nails again! You ask what that is all about? Take a close and thoughtful look at

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Clayton D. Harriger, Retired Elder
Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference
The United Methodist Church

CC: Members of the Cabinet

A PS to the above -- since the letter was sent to the bishop and cabinet members I have learned that over 18 1/2 million unborn African American children have been violently dismembered and murdered over the last number of years! I have since raised the issue of this on Facebook and questioned why there are no protests about this happening.

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