Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shaking Things Up a Bit!

"Earthquake Rattles Parts of Eastern US -- The magnitude 5.9 quake was centered some 90 miles from the nation's capital. Parts of the Pentagon, White House & Capitol were among the areas evacuated." --- Headline as it appeared on MSN.com during the afternoon of August 23, 2011

I got home from a doctor's appointment about 3:30 PM. Jean said the weirdest thing had happened around 2 PM -- for a little bit the house "quivered" as she described it in her words. But while at the doctor's office I noticed nothing as I was going through some testing of my eyes.

The news began to flow about the quake being centered in VA and as the headline mentioned, Washington DC is about 90 miles north of the center. But other places located some distance away also felt the quake's activity.

Cable news channels will be saturated about this recent happening and may even crowd out for a time at least what is happening in Libya as the rebels take over Tripoli, Gadafi's "stronghold."

Again, a most appropriate question can be asked -- God has been speaking in a wide variety of ways, but is anyone really listening? More importantly, to what extent is real honest soul-searching taking place and thoughts such as "We need to repent of our wickedness and seek God through His Son, Jesus Christ!"

Jesus, the foremost Authority on human behavior and how to properly relate to God in a positive manner, gave a detailed body of information as to how things would go in the latter times of human history as we see it being presently played out.

Our nation and the entire world are in for a shocking and dramatic change at some point in the future. Before that happens, it will seem that the entire world is in a state of convulsions on a repeat basis. The very structure of the earth will come under great pressure and strain. When the pressure is relieved at certain places, earthquakes will be the result. They may be rather large in magnitude or barely noticable.

Jesus mentioned earthquakes as being one of the indicators that His personal return to this world is drawing near. As He stated it, the earthquakes will be in many different places. This allows for such happenings to take place beyond the traditional "ring of fire" where earthquakes are more common. The "ring of fire" takes in the western coastal areas of South and North America, extending up toward Alaska and then curving down along the eastern coastal areas of the Asian continent into the southern Pacific area. In fact, there is an allowance for an earthquake to take place in areas that have not recorded one in recent memory!

Are you ready for more shake-ups in the days ahead? Perhaps one way of looking at this is to remember that God is just warming up -- we haven't seen anything yet!

When was the last time you had a good talk with God about things over which you are deeply concerned, including what the future holds?

And Jesus answered and said to them: "Take heed that no one deceives you. For many will come in My name, saying, 'I am the Christ,' and will deceive many. And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows." --- Matthew 24:4-8

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Will the "Plan" Really Work?

"Obama's plan: New Jobs proposals" --- headline for news article on August 18, 2011

One report mentions about "unemployment north of 9 percent" and the fact that there has been no incumbent president in recent times who has won a second term with the jobless rate near such a level as that. But with election fraud a very real and powerful possibility due to use of electronic voting machines it may not really matter if there is even a 10 or 11 percent rate or more in unemployment!

Will the O "plan" really work is the question. The answer is an obvious "No!"

First, a significant reason is that our republic is exhibiting a high level of defiance against the laws and principles which Almighty God has revealed to be absolutely necessary for peace, prosperity, power, prestige, and positive prospects for the future.

Elected officials, beginning with the president, have provided no evidence that they are seriously concerned about seeking the will of God not just in regard to their personal lives, but also in regard to the health and future survival of our republic. Anyone with a bit of sensitivity to God's special revelation is aware that the will of God must always be a top priority issue -- to ignore it is to invite furture disaster of unprecedented dimensions. The ruins and remnants of past civilizations provide explicit testimony of this fundamental truth!

However, the primary reason the "plan" is doomed from the beginning is the fact that the president with a good degree of support from members of the Congress is an aggressive advocate of the destruction of unborn children. His track record dating back to years in the Illinois legislature is unmistakably clear beyond question on this issue.

No nation with leadership such as that provided by Barack Obama and his supporters will experience the blessing of God nor will that nation have a secure and hopeful future.

The prophet Jeremiah was inspired to make a statement that is largely ignored in personal experience as well as in collective experience such as in the affairs of government. It likewise is too often ignored in church issues as well. Jeremiah said:

"O LORD, I know the way of man is not in himself; it is not in man who walks to direct his own steps." --- Jeremiah 10:23

We shall be hearing a lot about the "plan" in times ahead. But mark it down -- it is doomed to fail UNLESS there is genuine repentance from our national shedding of innocent blood, entrenched idolatry, pandemic sexual immorality, intentional and widespread profaning of the day of worship, deadly indoctrination of the young in regard to our origins, etc.

At this point in time the prevailing spirit is quite similar to a time of long ago in which a nation of people shared a common viewpoint as graphically described by the prophet Isaiah:

And in that day the Lord GOD of hosts called for weeping and for mourning, for baldness and for girding with sackcloth. But instead, joy and gladness, slaying oxen and killing sheep, eating meat and drinking wine: "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!" Then it was revealed in my hearing by the LORD of hosts, "Surely for this iniquity there will be no atonement for you, even to your death," says the Lord GOD of hosts. --- Isaiah 22:12-14

A line from the works of the poet, Robert Burns, reads: "The best-laid schemes o' mice an 'men / Gang aft agley," An American translation words it like this: "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry." Keep that in mind in the times ahead as the "plan" is implemented!

Moreover Manasseh shed very much innocent blood, till he had filled Jerusalem from one end to another, besides his sin with which he made Judah sin, in doing evil in the sight of the LORD. --- 2 Kings 21:16

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Does An Old Man of 78 Years Have Any Real Future?

Clayton D. Harriger was born on August 5, 1933 to Russell & Helen (Sedgwick) Harriger at a farm house in Monroe Township in Clarion County, Pennsylvania.

I just recently celebrated my 78th birthday. Since I am on Facebook, my birth date was common knowledge among the many friends I have through this social network. I received a large number of greetings from not only friends and relatives here in the United States, but from many who live in nations outside the U. S. as well. For all these well wishes extended to me I am extremely grateful. I regret that I was not able to respond personally to each one of those greetings. So at this time I am stating my heart felt gratitude for all who took time to post some words and wishing me a happy birthday.

It was a good day and a relaxing one. There was no party and that was quite OK. I am at the age now where parties do not have the meaning they used to have in my very young years. I remember especially one my mother arranged for me when I was about 8 or 9 years of age. It was a surpise and quite a few friends came with gifts which were exciting to open. That special day was indelibly stamped into my memory.

But now, on to the question asked at the beginning - does an old man of 78 years have any real future? I have witnessed drastic changes in the nation and the world during the seven decades plus that I have lived. Science has developed many advances in many fields which have enhanced our living conditions. Going to the dentist, for instance, isn't quite the agony it used to be. At that young age to which I referred a moment ago, going to the dentist meant you would not receive novocaine for drilling out and filling a cavity. The drill was a slow speed piece of equipment which I referred to as the "grinder!" The pain could be sheer torture and added to that was the stink when the smoke began to roll as the dentist just kept on drilling and drilling -- no spray of water applied either during the process!

Anyway, developments and inventions of a wide variety have helped to make life a better quality experience over time.

But on the other hand the standards of morality, ethics, and spirituality have horribly deteriorated over time as well. Scandals among high profile persons in our culture are becoming quite common place. The two primary driving forces in our culture, state and church, are weighed in the balances and found greatly wanting -- to quote a situation from the book of Daniel in the Old Testament of the Bible!

Elected officials in the U. S. government have hatched a "health care plan" which eventually will result in old people being hung out to dry -- one theme in all this is referred to as "cost effectiveness" -- that is, will it be good to treat a person for health needs because it will result in that person living longer and making a further contribution for the improvement of society, or will it be a wasted expenditure because the person in question will not be living very much longer anyway due to age!

There is a cold and calloused attitude developing which essentially says that old people are like parasites in our culture -- they are a drain on finances and take up space, while making absolutely no contribution for the enhancement of society -- they are like a ball & chain and hindering the progress and prosperity of our nation! So it really is best to see them make their exit from this earthly existence as soon as possible!

I am one of those "candidates" that eventually may be "hung out and left to dry" (insert word "die" if you wish). It is amazing how the spirit of Nazi Germany is creeping into our nation and influencing viewpoints and attitudes. Greatest proof is in the bloody trail created by destroying over 53 million unborn children since January 1973 by sanction of the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branches of the federal government!

Do I have any real future? You thought I would never get to that, didn't you? I answer with an enthusiastic "Yes!" However, my future and high expectations do not rest upon what is going on in Washington DC or in the capitol of the state in which I live, Harrisburg PA. The shenanigans going on in such places as those offer no hope whatsoever, The Bible informs us clearly as to how the manipulative antics of humans in the times preceding the judgment of God will proceed.

My hope rests upon the Person and promises of Jesus Christ, the living Son of God. I was and am not worthy of such love and mercy as He has shown to me. I was not yet born when the apostle Paul said that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners -- and then he added, "... of whom I am chief!" I would have to say to Paul, "Get behind me and be second in line -- I'll take the place of being the 'chief' of sinners!"

Jesus died an agonizing, tortuous death on the cross -- in so doing, He paid the penalty leveled against me for every sin of which I have been guilty in my entire lifetime. And he did the same for you, dear reader. I repented of my sins, asked His forgiveness, and received Him as Savior and Lord into my life many years ago. My life has been far from perfect since that miraculous moment many years ago -- but where I have failed, He has been gracious to forgive and restore me to fellowship with Him on a daily basis!

My hope is not only centered in Him as Savior and Lord, but also in the prospect of His personal return to this chaotic planet to take control of human affairs. What a day that will be. I got so excited one time about this that I wrote a blog piece discussing the wonderful fact that a great day is coming -- all government officials will be out of a job, including those in the U.S. -- if it is still around at that time! Jesus Christ will be in total charge as He establishes His Kingdom over the whole world.

One of many promises concerning this future event upon which I stand is found in Revelation 11:15 which explicitly declares: "Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, 'The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!'"

Yes, it is an ever present reality that an old man can have a rock solid hope for the future as he views the shifting sands of the nations and present governments of this world -- a hope that extends beyond the very limited things of time into eternity itself where the perfect trouble-free environment exists as established by One Who holds the title, "King of kings and Lord of lords!"

But until that hope of which I speak becomes a reality in this world, I shall continue to fulfill the calling God gave me to preach and teach His holy Word, bearing witness in whatever way possible that Jesus is "..the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father but through Him." (John 14:6).

Where is your hope centered today?

By You I have been upheld from my birth; You are He who took me out of my mother's womb. My praise shall be continually of You. I have become as a wonder to many, but You are my strong refuge. Let my mouth be filled with Your praise and with Your glory all the day. Do not cast me off in the time of old age; do not forsake me when my strength fails. For my enemies speak against me; and those who lie in wait for my life take counsel together, saying, "God has forsaken him; pursue and take him, for there is none to deliver him." O God, do not be far from me; O my God, make haste to help me! Let them be confounded and consumed who are adversaries of my life; let them be covered with reproach and dishonor who seek my hurt. But I will hope continually, and will praise You yet more and more. My mouth shall tell of Your righteousness and Your salvation all the day, for I do not know their limits. I will go in the strength of the Lord GOD; I will make mention of Your righteousness, of Yours only. O God, You have taught me from my youth; and to this day I declare Your wondrous works. Now also when I am old and gray-headed, O God, do not forsake me, until I declare Your strength to this generation, Your power to everyone who is to come. Also Your righteousness, O God, is very high, You who have done great things; O God, who is like You? You, who have shown me great and severe troubles, shall revive me again, and bring me up again from the depths of the earth. --- Psalm 71:6-20