Monday, April 4, 2016

Letter to Editor: Things Will Get Much Worse No Matter Who Becomes President!

The below printed letter has been sent to a number of newspapers; in the area where we presently live, home town area in Clarion PA, and areas where I have served as a pastor in years gone by such as the Franklin/Oil City PA area.

Saturday April 2, 2016


Each person seeking the office of president tries to convince us that he or she will transform our republic into a paradise or at least bring us to the very threshold of such.

There are solid reasons why it will never happen and the U.S. Supreme Court is a major contributor of such reasons.

First, the Court handed down a decision in 1963 in which the Lord’s Prayer and readings from the Bible were no longer permitted in public schools. Even students whose families did not attend church were exposed to portions of God’s Word and became aware of something called prayer and communication with our Creator.

Second, the Court handed down a decision in 1973 which declared that a female has a constitutional right to have her unborn child’s life ended by an intentional act of homicide! Tens of millions of unborn children have been victims in what could be termed the United States’ version of Holocaust!

Third, the Court handed down a decision in 2015 which declared that it is now legal everywhere for sodomites to marry each other and for lesbians to marry each other. This is in total defiance of God’s clear revelation as to what marriage is about, namely, a sacred covenant between one man and one woman.

But in addition to the Supreme Court decisions we have monumental problems with our massive idolatry and our pandemic sexual immorality. Billy Graham said it well years ago in these words: “If God allows the United States to get away with what it is doing, then He will have to issue an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah!”

When Almighty God makes His response to these abominations, none of us will want to be here!

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Clayton D. Harriger, Pastor
Gipsy Christian Church
Gipsy PA