Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hypocrisy Par Excellence in Recent Protests!

Widespread protests took place all over the country in wake of grand jury decisions not to indict police officers in deaths of two black men, Michael Brown and Eric Garner! And as could be expected the mass media did everything but sponsor dances in the streets on these occasions.

There were protests that involved looting and burning on a large scale in Ferguson MO, and disruptions in many other places all over the country because of intense disagreement with decisions of grand juries in regard to the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner involving police officers. In both cases no indictments were handed down.

Penn State University which is located not so many miles from where I live was one location where such protests took place as students at one point were laying all over the steps in front of Old Main on campus. One has to wonder whether they have equal concern for other very heavy baggage that the university is dealing with plus the chaotic state of the board of trustees at the present time!

Why the par excellence application regarding hypocrisy in the massive protests across the country? Because there is a far greater injustice being done during each week of the year that involves hundreds of individuals on a daily basis! Did you know that a large number unborn black children are victims of intentional homicide each week day? Even if they have their hands up, they are still deliberately murdered and the murder involves dismembering them in the process of killing them? Same thing happens to a number of Hispanic unborn children as well! And yes, unborn white children are victims also, but then these will likely be racist which is an alleged characteristic of the whites and so aborted unborn whites means less white racist persons around later on, right? After all, they are the only ones who display racist attitudes – never happens among the black or Hispanic communities, so it has been claimed!

Abortion numbers are not easy to come by. One source is the Guttmacher Institute which stated that there were 1.05 million abortions in the United States in 2011 as opposed to the peak of 1.6 million which took place in 1990. There is much ado about the rate of abortions decreasing a bit but part of the problem is that there is a growing use of drugs which will cause an abortion as opposed to surgical abortions and figures on this aspect are very unreliable due to failure to be exact in reporting. There is also the “do it yourself” kind apart from supervision of medical personnel and numbers here are simply unknown. Who knows? Only the Shadow and he’s not talking!

So, for those who vehemently protest the alleged injustice involving such persons as Brown and Garner, how much protesting have you done about the injustice involving the intentional homicides of unborn children last week? Again, remember many are black and Hispanic – and yes, quite a number are white also, if you dare to raise a bit of concern about them as well!

And no, there will not be a grand jury that will bring about any indictments concerning these atrocities! The killers wear white coats with their names and the initials, M.D., mistakenly following the stitched name on the left side of the coat near the heart, although it is questionable whether there is a real heart there to begin with!

And after the killing has taken place, they slither back into their luxury automobiles and return to their elaborate mansions or condos – party and play a bit – maybe sleep a bit – and then return to kill again the next day and make big bucks while doing so with no legal charges ever brought against them! An aside on this -- recently a female abortionist who is a few months pregnant felt her unborn kick her just at the moment she was tearing off the leg of the unborn she was in the process of aborting -- she was struck by the timing of the incident, but continued to complete the mutilation process, spreading the pieces of the murdered victim out on a table, making sure she had gotten "everything!" See what I mean when I said about a lack of a real heart earlier?

To you who are so loud and boisterous in your protest against two grand jury decisions because you say justice was not done, will you start your protest against injustice of a degree that your little minds and mine cannot begin to comprehend its full extent nor its ultimate consequences? Or will you continue to play the hypocrite par excellence?

Moreover Manasseh shed innocent blood very much, till he had filled Jerusalem from one end to another; beside his sin wherewith he made Judah to sin, in doing that which was evil in the sight of the Lord. [2 Kings 21:16 (KJV)].