Monday, June 1, 2009

George Tiller’s Days of Terminating Lives of the Unborn Are Ended!

Dr. George Tiller, notorious for doing late term abortions, was shot to death on Sunday, May 31, 2009, while serving as an usher at his church. His wife was a member of the choir and seated in the choir area when the tragic event took place. --- information from a variety of news sources

Dr. George Tiller’s murder will have a negative impact on those who have been employing peaceful objections and protests in the attempt to use legal means to halt the mass destruction of unborn children at the rate of approximately 100,000 per month.

First, the majority of those involved in mass media dissemination of news are supportive of abortion on demand and will spin references to pro-life supporters in the most negative ways possible. All of us will be branded as bigoted and fanatical “terrorists” capable of violent acts against doctors, members of their staffs and against their facilities.

Second, the pro-abortion crowd will exploit this incident to the hilt and then some. This is just the kind of grist for their propaganda mills that they delight in. Their cause will be helped immensely and the battle for the rights of unborn humans will be more of an uphill battle than it has ever been before.

Third, the most pro-death president in the history of our republic has spoken on this matter and it is certain that he will also do everything within the scope of his power and influence to see that pro-life supporters are more restricted and hindered than ever in the conflict that has raged since January of 1973. In his recent speech at the Notre Dame commencement he attempted to appeal to reaching "common ground" between those who support abortion and those who oppose it. This kid has some growing up to do -- he has yet to realize you can't half kill an unborn child and make everybody happy -- especially the Creator of this mighty universe Who claims He is involved in the formation of an unborn child in the womb! (See Jeremiah 1:4, 5 on that).

Fourth, our pro-death president has already nominated a highly questionable person to the Supreme Court and it is a given that whoever occupies the next vacant chair at the Supreme Court will always rule in favor of continued destruction of the unborn. Incidents such as the tragic death of Dr. Tiller simply cause these judges to dig their heels in more deeply. Resulting decisions as they pertain to unborn children will be a death sentence just as surely as the individual who pulled the trigger on the weapon which took the life of Dr. Tiller.

But in order to try to balance this thing a bit, it is wise to bear in mind an eternal truth. There are times when God permits a shocking display as to how this law works. It’s called the law of sowing and reaping. It is based on a statement out of Galatians 6 in the New Testament. We are informed that God will not be mocked – whatever a man sows, that he will surely reap in due time.

In an act of violence the life of Dr. George Tiller was taken. But here was a man who immersed himself in acts of violence over quite a period of time. Violence was a way of life for him – each time he snuffed out the life of a baby in the late stages of its development in its mother’s womb, he was involved in an act of violence and guilty of murder – and that’s not just an opinion of mine – if you think so, just go and have a little talk with God about it and let me know what He gives by way of an answer, OK?

For those who are still unwilling to admit that we are talking a violent murderous act each time the life of an unborn child is terminated, take a look at what actually happens. Pro-abortion people get very upset over the display of such pictures – sort of similar to many getting upset when bodies and bones of the Nazi Holocaust were publicly displayed. And they have been quite successful in suppressing the publishing of such photos, although photos depicting other forms of violence are constantly displayed for all ages to view -- the exception is the viewing of the mutilated remains of an unborn human being!

So take a look at the results of the work of such persons as George Tiller at A Quick Look At the United States' Massacre Tally! -- use reverse feature on your web browser to come back here. Every few days President Obama is sent a letter and at the bottom of that letter is photographic evidence of the results of the productive “work” of some “doctors” (term used very loosely) in this republic.

But there is reason for a few of us to be hopeful in regard to the future – no, not in terms of expecting a sudden turn-around and that the nation and its leaders have at long last come to their senses and said that we have to stop this shedding of innocent blood. But rather, hopeful that God is going to step in and He will take action that will leave no room for doubt that the decision which determined that a woman has a constitutional “right” to destroy her unborn child was the most insane – the most idiotic – the most destructive – the most damning judicial decision ever made in the history of the United States of America!

For a related article on Dr. George Tiller when he seemed to beat the judicial "system" just a few weeks ago, see Tiller the "Killer" Is Off the Hook...for Now, That Is! -- use return feature on your web browser to come back to this place.

"For if you thoroughly amend your ways and your doings, if you thoroughly execute judgment between a man and his neighbor, if you do not oppress the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place, or walk after other gods to your hurt, then I will cause you to dwell in this place, in the land that I gave to your fathers forever and ever. Behold, you trust in lying words that cannot profit." --- Jeremiah 7:5-8


Rev. Jeremy Smith said...

So we celebrate killing people to show that killing people is wrong?


PA Maverick said...

I am assuming that you have basic reading skills. Just where is it in the comments on the tragic killing of Dr. Tiller did I suggest that we ought to celebrate this senseless act? Where did I say it was a good thing that happened? Obviously you missed the main point -- the sowing and reaping thing applies to all of us and sometimes the reaping experience can be very shocking indeed as God permits! And predictably, pro-abortion groups are calling on DHS and the Justice Department to "root out" those potential pro-life "terrorists" and bring them to justice in order to avoid another Tiller incident. No one who is truly pro-life, including myself, takes delight in what happened to George Tiller. Part of my concern involves prayer on behalf of his family and those friends within the church fellowship which will have the bitter memory of this event for many years to come. And prayer also for the man who did the violent act. But then, with your conclusion already established that I am "celebrating" you would not understand that, would you? God, of course, will have the last word on this and all things related to human actions, will He not?

Rev. Jeremy Smith said...

I apologize for my use of the term "celebrate." Your comment in response is exactly the tone I expected. Calling it a "tragic killing" and saying you are "praying" for the affected people is exactly the Christian response. In your original post, you did none of that: you called it violence, and that is it.

While you cannot be responsible for my expectations, I found your response ignoring that there is a family out there that has lost its spouse and father, and a place of sanctuary that has had its sanctity ripped. As a pastor, those are my first responses; they may not be yours.

As much as my word choice was poor, my essential point stands...Should we hold up this tragic killing as God's will to wake up an errant nation, or is this an act of vile human freedom and sin?