Monday, January 11, 2010

Many Broken Promises? Yes, But the One Main Promise Has Been Kept!

Mention has been made through various media outlets about campaign promises made by Barack Obama in his quest for the U. S. presidency and the fact that a majority of those promises have not been kept! --- as discussed on talk shows and as referenced in printed media

Promises, promises – was anybody able to really keep up with the grand total of all that was promised by that fellow who took over as president last January. It’s been nearly a year and does anyone dare to ask the question, “Are we better off now than we were a year ago?”

But one significant promise has been kept – no denying it – repeatedly Barack Hussein Obama promised that he was going to transform the United States of America. And he has accomplished that in just a few short months. When the State of the Union address is delivered, will he acknowledge the fulfillment of that one big promise? That is after he gets done blaming Bush for whatever is perceived to be wrong.

Note some of the “fruits” of the transformation as promised:

The nation has been plunged into more debt than the human mind can begin to comprehend so that now we make reference to it in terms of trillions of dollars with China holding about 1 trillion of that debt alone!

Unemployment continues to hang at a double digit level and some are predicting the worst is yet to come!

Government bureaucracy is exploding like an out of control cancer – yes, there have been jobs created but they are government jobs not private sector jobs, which is what is desperately needed.

The government has been taking over the private sector in many areas such as mortgage institutions, banks, and the automotive industries.

The government wants to control the heath care system which is being debated at the present time. Evidence is that most citizens do not want the government interfering in the health care system, but the attitude is that we citizens are stupid, the president and his partners in crime know best, and are determined to ram the whole thing down our throats whether we like it or not!

There are those highly questionable appointed persons known as “czars” with this president setting a record by appointing more of these questionable characters than any before him. They do not go through congressional examination and approval and have practically unbridled power to do things that would make a 2-bit dictator envious! The personal philosophy of these persons and a multitude of others in a myriad of positions for the most part goes against much of what our republic in its Constitution stands for and represents by way of freedom and privilege! When you have one of these extolling and praising the likes of a Mao Tse-Tung, mass-murderer of over 60 million Chinese people, then we have reason to wonder where our nation is headed!

President Bush came under heavy fire from the Democrats for taking us to “war” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most interesting now is the fact that Barack Hussein Obama recently determined that we need to send another 30,000 troops into Afghanistan. Any whooping and hollering coming from the Democrats on this move?

Yes, the country has been transformed and in regard to a related question – is it better off now than it was a year ago, quite a large number of persons would not hesitate to give an answer – an answer which is strongly negative!

For the leaders of this people cause them to err, and those who are led by them are destroyed. --- Isaiah 9:16

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