Thursday, May 20, 2010

12th Congressional District Election in PA - Some Observations!

"...(name) ...he's not for us...." --- quote from a political ad running on WJAC-TV prior to May 18, 2010 election in the 12th Congressional District of Pennsylvania

The stench is still hanging a bit in the air after the May 18th election in the 12th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. Fortunately the winds over the Laurel Highlands of PA will eventually remove it, but it is pretty heavy stuff to eliminate!

Three things to be noted about the recent showdown between Mark Critz (recent leg man for the late Congressman John P. Murtha) and Tim Burns:

1 - The campaign got very ugly and very dirty. If even one half the stuff was true in the statements made by the opponents against each other, both should be locked up and the key tossed into the river. It is a dream that will never come true in these days of bankrupt ethics and morality -- a dream in which an ethical candidate refuses to attack his opponent but rather concentrates on stressing what he stands for, what he hopes to accomplish if elected, and the fact that the people he desires to represent mean more to him than his party. Common complaint among elected officials is the growing cynicism among the electorate -- are they so ignorant that they fail to realize who caused it in the first place? Come to think of it, they really are!

2 - WJAC-TV which is based in Johnstown in the heart of the 12th District would claim to be "fair and balanced" in its treatment of political issues. When Bill Clinton came into town to stump for Mark Critz you would have thought Almighty God Himself had just landed. An ex-president with an alley cat standard of sexual morality (which has been well documented) is given top billing and of course in the process with all this exposure under the guise of reporting the "news," it was a great political plus for one Mark Critz - a lot of "political hay" baled up last Sunday. In another segment a reporter from WJAC was disussing the election with time given to the Burns camp and then time given to the Critz camp. One big contrast - in regard to Burns, just some exchange of information and that was it. In regard to Critz, it was more than an exchange -- there were also big campaign signs with Critz' name on them -- the visual images were striking which were missing from the Burns segment! Fair and balanced? Yea, sure.

3 - John P. Murtha earned the unflattering title of "King of Pork" in his later years in the U. S. Congress. A lot of defense contracts worth millions of dollars were doled out in his district and especially in his hometown, Johnstown. With the political climate being what it is in DC these days (the stench there never goes away) who knows what Mark Critz will be able to do between now and November when he will have to run for re-election in order to hold on to that seat in Congress. One thing for sure, we'll hear a lot of details as to his activity in "representing" us and with WJAC-TV camped out in Washington DC it will be as though we have arrived in Mecca with Critz exalted as the new "sugar daddy" of Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District!

Written by a non-affliated registered voter in Cambria County, PA and who voted in the special election involving the 12th Congressional District.

And He said to them, "You are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts. For what is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God. --- Jesus speaking in Luke 16:15

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