Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is It Really a "Win?"

The United States Senate voted to end the DADT (Don't Ask, Don't Tell) policy of banning homosexuals from serving openly in the U. S. military --- news releases on Saturday, December 18, 2010

There is likely dancing in the streets in places and a number of members of the U. S. Congress celebrating the end of the DADT ban which prevented homosexuals from serving openly in the U. S. military for a number of years. After all, it was reasoned, this was a form of discrimination of the most serious kind, and we certainly can't have that, can we?

The reality of what this means may not be revealed for a while, depending on how soon God chooses to respond fully to a nation that has given Him the traditional obscene gesture time and time again by defying His standards of ethical, moral and spiritual behavior on the part of human beings.

But eventually there will come a day in which God will deal with this country and the deadly mistakes made by its leaders, political and church, in which they have been leading our nation down a road to absolute disaster of the first magnitude!

God is fair and God is loving, but there is a time when He in effect draws a line in the sand and says, "Enough is enough!" The history of ancient Israel as given in the holy Scriptures provides shocking details as to what happens to a culture when the standards of holy conduct and relationships are totally rejected. Our leadership is presently duplicating the patterns of those leaders of Israel centuries ago. The day came when the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah were both destroyed by God's judgments, this mainly due to the fact that the people and their leaders refused to heed the warnings of the prophets! God has been calling out today and giving warning, but who is seriously listening?

The sodomite/lesbian cartel has been gaining momentum and winning so-called "victories" for some time. This "victory" in regard to the military DADT policy is simply the latest.

What will be next? Certainly the recognition of "marriage" between 2 males or 2 females is a priorty -- could it be that the time will come when the U. S. Congress will pass some sort of legislation that will require all clergy, magistrates, and judges to perform "marriages" for sodomites and lesbians? Don't ever say "Never!" in such a country as the United States because this republic has again on this date, December 18, 2010, demonstrated that the truth as clearly revealed by the Creator of this mighty universe is to be regarded as nothing more than a temporary irritation and should be tossed into the garbage can as quickly as possible! Can you picture "couples" in the military of the future who are "married" -- sodomites and lesbians?

So, as asked at the beginning -- was it really a "win?" Don't be too hasty to say, "Yes!" Wait until God makes His response and then give your answer -- that is, if you are in a position to be able to do so at that time! It is very wise to remember that God will write the last chapter in human history, and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

But while the meat was still between their teeth, before it was chewed, the wrath of the LORD was aroused against the people, and the LORD struck the people with a very great plague. --- Numbers 11:33

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. --- Galatians 6:7,8

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