Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We're the Hip-Gyration Nation! (Very Caring -- Very Cool)

An introduction: I became acquainted with Tom Graffagnino on the internet some years ago. I have deeply appreciated his work with poetry and his ability to articulate the Christian faith in simple but powerful fashion. He provides solid proof of his convictions by referring to the Authority on all matters that have to do with our Christian faith and practicing that faith -- the holy Scriptures! Below is one of his latest contributions. A link to his web site follows the conclusion of this poem. -- cdh
“Sex is the mysticism of a materialist society, with its own mysteries---This is my birth pill; swallow it in remembrance of me! And its own sacred texts and scriptures---the erotica that falls like black atomic rain on the just and the unjust alike, drenching us, blinding us, stupefying us.” --- Malcolm Muggeridge

“We’re the Hip-Gyration Nation”
(Very Caring…Very Cool)

by Tom Graffagnino

Idol hot dog Oscar Winners…
We’ve got fashion…We’ve got flair.
We’ll decide for you what’s moral
In this Kingdom of the Air!

We’ve got class and we’ve got insight…
We look down on “Bible-folk"...
Those misguided, backward dummies...
Oh my goodness! Such a joke!

As a rule, we're more discerning...
More evolved and more astute.
We have found "The Ground of Being"...
And ...Surprise!....It’s Green to boot!

We're the hip Gyration-Nation...
Very caring...very cool!
Please repeat our sacred mantra...
"Tolerate!’’—(our golden rule).

Come admire The Botoxed Bodies,
Sequined tights and leather thongs;
Nip 'n' tucksters...holding poses,
Follow us…You can’t go wrong!

We prefer our sex convenient...
Unattached...with whom we please.
Redefining Old Commandments,
Forging New Moralities!

We push Eastern Mysticisms,
We approve all kinky sects!
Levitating, astral visions,
And whatever else comes next….

Polyamorous adventure
Is the way and truth you need.
Bottom line, what we’re suggesting:
Do your thing, man, yes, indeed!

Molech/Baal worship in which babies are
thrown alive into the fire!

Disregard those babies screaming
As we pass them through the fire;
Just relax…Enjoy the program!
Satisfy your deep desire.

When we think now of “Madonna”,
Bethlehem’s not where we go;
Lady Ga-Ga, Goddess Gaia,
Have replaced her… like, ya know?

Let us shape and mold your children;
That would really make our day!
Who needs “god” when pleasure’s calling…
Just a breathless click away?

Ashtar’s Pole has made a comeback…
In High Places of the Lewd…
Idol Entertainment beckons;
Moloch, we still worship you!

See more at Tom's web site, located at: Graffagnino

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