Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Badly Needed -- A Draconian Response to the Drug Epidemic!

It is like a plague! The growing problem of illegal drugs of all kinds is impacting not just the large metropolitan areas but smaller towns and rural areas as well. Here in south central Pennsylvania, which includes the city of Johnstown, there have been large numbers of persons arrested in drug related activity and many deaths taking place as a result of drug overdoses. Adding to this is the fact of ruined lives of persons who are addicted and resorting to criminal activity to get money in order to maintain the addiction.

Attempts to organize a counter offensive plus numerous meetings and discussions have taken place in an effort to deal effectively with the problem. In spite of all the attempts to deal successfully with the issue, the problem with drugs appears with the passing of time to be like a juggernaut that is unstoppable!

However, there is a way that over time will begin to produce some positive results in this war that has been waged for far too long. And just what is this way, one might ask? It is really simple and the most effective strategy we can implement. We begin by putting in place legislation that makes it an automatic death penalty for anyone who sells illegal drugs for money. This penalty would be applied when during the trial the evidence is irrefutable that the individual is guilty of gaining money from the sale of illegal drugs such as heroin, et al! Further, there would be no appeal and the sentence to be carried out within 30 days of conviction! In time, if consistently applied, this measure would get rid of dealers at all levels with a message that says explicitly: “If you sell illegal drugs, are apprehended, brought to trial, and it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty, you will die shortly after the trial!”

Will legislators have enough spine to pass such legislation? It is highly unlikely because of the twisted and distorted value system our culture now embraces. There are a number who claim the death penalty is cruel and inhumane punishment! And there have been demonstrations on behalf of persons about to be executed for violent murders committed. While there has been much sympathy expressed for the criminal and the fact that he/she is going to be executed, very little or no sympathy shown whatsoever for the victims’ families and what they are dealing with by way of grief and hardship!

Anyone want to tell how many lives have been totally ruined and cut short due to a drug dealer peddling his/her illegal wares? Go ahead – how many? A dozen, twenty, fifty, a hundred, a thousand? No, you, nor can I, even begin to fathom the number much less the extent of misery these people who sell drugs have caused!

So, what is your suggestion for dealing with the drug epidemic? Give the offenders a slap on the wrist, do some counseling, and have lots of discussions on what we can do? Too bad we cannot be Draconian in our approach to the issue!

By the way, the Draconian approach as mentioned above should also apply to every person who kills a law enforcement officer!

Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man. -- Genesis 9:6 (KJV)

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