Monday, January 14, 2019

Letter Now Being Sent to All Members of the 116th U.S. Congress!

Below you will find a letter now being sent to all members of the 116th United States Congress. This will take a bit of time since I have to update my files on the membership with changes involving recently elected senators and representatives. Over years past I have communicated with both the presidents who have been in office at the time as well as members of the Congress. Unfortunately they are unaware that our republic is perched on the very threshold of experiencing judgment at the hands of Almighty God, as are the majority of U.S. citizens!

TO: All Members of the 116th United States Congress

Subject: Critical issues which will impact our republic’s future destiny!

Enclosed is a letter sent to President Trump on a regular basis. It draws attention to extremely critical issues which are not widely recognized.

The most critical of these is the ongoing practice of intentionally murdering unborn children since the infamous Supreme Court decision of 1973. Over 60.75 million unborn children have been victims of planned homicide! We are a nation of fools of the first magnitude if we believe Almighty God is not going to make a full response to what could be defined as the United States version of Holocaust!

There are two other SCOTUS decisions which are in defiance of God’s standards for a sane, sensible, serene, stable, and secure culture. In 1963 the Court ruled that reading of the Bible and prayer in public schools would no longer be permitted. In 2015 the Court ruled that it is legal for homosexual men to marry each other and lesbian females to marry each other. God has clearly revealed that same-sex intimacy is an abomination!

Finally, we are a nation wallowing in debt. The national debt continues to worsen and the Congress, which seems to like to spend money like there is no tomorrow, does absolutely nothing to stop the financial hemorrhaging!

Will the 116th Congress take such action as needed to correct our destructive ethical, moral, and spiritual practices which are taking us down the road to judgment? You have the power to choose!

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