Thursday, September 24, 2020

Letter to All Members of the 116th United States Congress

NOTE: The following letter was written on the anniversary of 9/11 and is being sent to all members of the United States Congress with copies also being sent to the presidential and VP candidates in the November 2020 election. Permission is hereby granted to any who may want to copy and reproduce this for sharing with others. Your prayer support is sincerely requested in this effort. cdh

September 11, 2020

To: Members of the United States Congress
Subject: Election November 3, 2020

Does it really matter who wins the election to be president for the next 4 years and what party is in control of the U.S. Congress? No, if there is not a very drastic change that takes place through our entire culture! That radical change will involve total repentance from the many abominations and transgressions of which we as a nation are guilty against Almighty God! We are perched on the very doorstep of experiencing His wrath being poured out upon us in judgment!

The reasons are many starting with tens of millions of unborn children deliberately murdered since 1973! God had a plan for each of these unborn children, but that was interrupted by an intentional act of homicide!

Further our pandemic immoral sexual practices and our deeply entrenched idolatry in its many forms also invite God’s wrath upon us!

Added to this is the fact that far less than half of our population can find its way into a place of worship to give honor and thanksgiving to the God Who makes our life and existence possible! A further problem related to this is the fact that too many of those churches that are attended are headed up by pastors who do not believe the Bible in its entirety and are spreading a bunch of heresy and apostasy among their congregations due to their unbelief in the Scriptures! This stems back to the fact that these pastors received such false teaching in seminaries they attended.

You can significantly help to bring about this critical change God calls us to make by urging the people you represent to turn to God in a spirit of sincere repentance and forsake all known sin in their lives.

If we do not repent, the result will not be pleasant and none of us will want to be within the borders of this nation when God brings judgment upon our republic. The people of the ancient Israelite kingdom of Judah found out the hard way in about 586 BC that after God had given fair warning time after time that He meant precisely what He had said He would do if they did not repent!

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Clayton D. Harriger, Retired Elder
The United Methodist Church
Western PA Annual Conference

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