Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Letter to the Editor -- TV News People Are Like Piranah!

Among my many and varied activities has been that of writing letters over the years. My kids will have real adventures when they sort out their "inheritance" -- their old dad won't leave them much money, but they will have a ton or two of letters to read through -- what a joy time that will be!

Included in letter recipients over the years have been letters to the editors of newspapers. At present time there are 4 newspapers in our area to which letters have been sent: The Altoona Mirror, The Indiana Gazette, The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat, and Mainline Newspapers, Inc. Mainline Newspapers is a weekly serving different communities in Cambria County. The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat quit publishing my letters some time ago. The issue about this is discussed at my web site,, and all the letters which they did not publish are posted there. Whether they will publish this recent one remains yet to be seen.

So, below is the letter which deals with rampant hypocrisy in the TV news industry and their concentrated focus on the VA Tech tragedy to the neglect of a far more serious "massacre" which is a daily happening in our republic! If you find that you are a bit in agreement on this problem of the TV news media, I would welcome your comments. If you feel you should try to defend them, DON'T, because you CAN'T! And the pure reason is that these people are first and foremost concerned about money and ratings -- fair and accurate reporting of news events as well as respect for victims of tragedies such as the VA Tech incident are not a priority -- it's all about money! So here we go........

Monday, April 23, 2007>


The TV media explicitly demonstrated a morphosis from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde as it relished the tragedy at Virginia Tech a week ago. Or to put it another way, these people resembled a school of piranha in bloody waters stripping its victim to a skeleton in a short period of time.

True to form in their inconsistency, members of the TV networks constantly threw the word “massacre” at us while intentionally avoiding the fact that on April 16, 2007 hundreds of unborn children were massacred in their mothers’ wombs! Further, these people will never give us the details with shocking photos for proof regarding the greatest massacre in United States history. The grand total is now approaching 48 million victims and a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol was not the murder weapon used. How about a ban on those instruments which destroy the unborn in the womb?

As could be expected an anti-gun campaign has been revived with able assistance from the media. Get rid of the guns and we will have a safe and peaceful society so we are told. Hypocrisy is rampant on this issue also. Compare how many people have died violently as a result of use of alcoholic beverages in a year’s time compared with death by firearms. We can start with number of victims of drunken drivers and then add on the other circumstances, including those who drank some booze and then in anger killed someone with a gun! But then, there hasn’t been a campaign to rid the country of alcoholic beverages because of destruction, pain, sorrow, and death which it has caused, has there? Just get rid of those horrible guns and our troubles will be over!

We have yet to witness a full response from the God Whom we profess to trust as inscribed on our coins and currency. In His revelation to us He has made it clear that hypocrisy is not a way of life in which He takes delight and the price to be paid is far greater than any of us can imagine.

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Clayton D. Harriger, Pastor


Wesley Matthews said...

I'll be watching for it and any reaction to it in the papers. Hopefully one of the papers will publish it. I first started visiting your website a few years ago after reading one of your letters to the editor, maybe someone else will too!

Like you, I rarely watch the news except for the weather, but that is usually pointless as well!

PA Maverick said...

The Altoona Mirror called and said it would be considered for publication. It is most likely the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat will not publish it -- they haven't published the last 6 or 8 letters submitted -- but then, that is probably just as well since when they get done with "editing" it, it sometimes is barely recognizable! I'll just add it in the area of my site where all the other T-D "rejects" are posted. The other three papers have been excellent in publishing the letters as I had written them. Ah, the adventure still continues.