Saturday, May 19, 2007

Make a Comment and Help a Community!

Pastor Matt Blake was appointed to serve in the small community of Westover PA in June of 2006. The Westover community is in great need of an activity center for youth. The door has opened a bit with the availability of a building and Matt has made an application for a grant with a brand name food company. Please go to Westover Community Youth Center Project, review the details, make your comments in encouraging support of this venture, and sign your name. It will only take a few minutes at most. Even if you don't know Matt or you are not familiar with the community, your comments of encouragement will be most appreciated and will help to obtain the requested grant.


WestoverGangsers4Christ said...

Thanks a bunch Clayton. My hope is that many people read your blog &respond to this request. Your a soldier in many ways.
Love in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Clayton, I am in favor of a local community center for kids to help them stay focused, provide a venue for peacefully ouletting and venting and for postive activites and influences. A pro-active approach is the best, and a Christ centered one even better