Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why a High Profile Emphasis on Some Things, But Silence on the Most Critical Ones?

Political and many church leaders share common ground when it comes to their measure of what is considered important as opposed to where their mouths become absolutely speechless regarding that which is of far greater importance!

President Bush just recently addressed the issue of conflict in Sudan with a call for economic sanctions against that nation. The reason? Seems for some time there has been a lot of bloodshed involving large numbers of innocent people -- the president even used the term "genocide" and applied it to what the government is doing to certain people. The president was very sober in his remarks on this matter -- no smiles on this one! Cetainly a person with some degree of moral sensitivity ought to be conserned about the ongoing occurance of such atrocities.

Likewise, in the W. PA Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church there is a heavy emphasis on the "Nothing But Nets" campaign. We are told of large numbers of persons who die in Africa from Malaria, so all are encouraged to support this effort by giving money to buy the nets which will protect the people from the disease carrying mosquitoes. Bishop Bickerton of the W. PA Conference has been pushing this quite vigorously. The annual conference session which is slated to start on June 7 and go through June 10 is going to be saturated with reminders of the campaign everywhere one will look, according to advance publicity. Perhaps the only place one will not see some "Nothing But Nets" hype will be when he or she goes to the bathroom! But even there maybe someone has strategically placed a poster or slogan.
It is a situation that ought to arouse a degree of concern and response. As indicated in an earlier post, my wife and I will be supporting the effort financially.

BUT in the above examples to which many names, politically and religiously could be added, why the silence on the greatest massacre to have taken place in United States history? When was the last time you saw an indignant president state unequivocally that we've got to stop the massacre of unborn children, the total of which is approaching 48 million?

When was the last time you heard Bishop Thomas Bickerton express indignation over the fact that thousands of unborn children are mutilated and murdered every week of the year and that this heinous practice has got to stop immediately?

And when was the last time you heard other political and church leaders express similar sentiments?

No, what you often hear from such leaders on the most critical moral crisis this republic has ever faced in its entire history is something such as this: the issue of destroying unborn children is a very complex issue and there are no easy answers -- we have to try to arrive at some "common ground" on the issue and work together toward a solution which will not restrict any human "rights" in the process!"

Ooops! A correction -- you will not hear the above named individuals nor others in positions similar to theirs using the term "destruction of unborn children" -- terminating a fetus, maybe -- or the more preferred expression -- "terminating an unwanted pregnancy." The advantage is that it's very impersonal in using such terms and one is deceived into thinking that no "person" becomes a victim in the termination procedure!

It's amazing how simple the solutions are when it comes to dealing with problems as God points them out to us -- His solutions are always simple -- it usually means, "Repent of your sins and abominations and quit doing them!"

But as a nation, we are demonstrating more and more that we are possession of a spirit which plunged a people of the past into disaster which they were totally unprepared to face!

Our leaders are determined to "major on the minors" and want us to do likewise!

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