Thursday, August 9, 2007

Is That a Hammer in Your Hand?

"Pounding nails in your coffin!"

It's an expression sometimes used that indicates one is doing something by way of a destructive lifestyle and hastening one's departure from this earthly life. Possibilities are virtually unlimited when it comes to social habits, unholy desires, and fatal involvements in this life -- you know, the kinds of things that lead to an early grave! Sometimes cigarettes have been referred to as "coffin nails" which is a rather accurate comparison!

Worse yet -- the "coffin" of a republic known as the United States of America is being prepared and a majority of us citizens with hammer in hand are pounding the nails!

Equally tragic is the fact that a majority of elected officials from the president all the way down to locally elect to school board members along with church leaders are oblivious to the fact that this is happening. And if you look closely, you will see that they too have hammers in their hands and are making a contribution in pounding a nail or two into our nation's "coffin!"

Here are the "nails" that are being driven, with a brief note about each:

  • A confounded love -- "love" that is abused, misused, perverted, and destructive!

  • A conceding church -- due to compromise over decades and persistent denials of core doctrines of the Christian faith, large number of churches find themselves foundering and unable to make a significant impact in a world swamped with over 6 billion people!

  • a contradictory government -- main goals of elected officials, especially at state and federal levels, involve retaining their positions plus the lavish perks and salary increases that they "award" to themselves!

  • a contagion of idolatry -- we have not fashioned a host of idols out of precious metals, stone, or wood, but we have managed to establish a bunch that exhibit defiance of Almighty God in ways that are far worse than the heathen of ancient history!

  • consigned children -- what other nation which makes the audacious claim to being civilized and a "nation under God" has ever brutally mutilated and murdered over 48 million unborn children since January 1973? Name one if you can!

  • a conflagration of immorality -- and what nation making that claim of being one "under God" is sanctioning every type of immoral and abominable sexual activity with examples set by high profile celebrities? And some of this abominable stuff is being increasingly accepted and approved within the ranks of the church which claims to be "Christian" in its faith!

  • contaminated Sabbaths -- Sunday should be renamed "Funday" because that would much more accurately reveal what we have become in the "land of the free and the home of the brave!" Less than half of our population is able to make it to a place and experience of worship on Sunday mornings, and of those who do make it, far too many can't wait to get out of church and on to fun, partying, and keeping up with the latest in professional or college sports happenings!

  • contrived origins -- growing concern has been shown regarding increased violence among our children and youth -- but then, what can we expect? We are teaching the vast majority that they are simply products of an evolutionary process with their roots somewhere in a pool of slime millions of years ago! So if animals figure prominently in our ancestry, why should we not act like animals? One who thinks through this a bit with a view of origins as established by Almighty God will have a whole different perspective about life and its purpose!

More details are given about this disaster of the first magnitude which now resembles a cancer in its terminal stages at Driving the Final Nails! A link at the bottom of that area will bring you back to this place.

By the way, is that a hammer I see you holding in your hand? You're not going to use that thing the way most people are doing right now, are you?

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