Thursday, November 29, 2007

November 28th Debate Orchestrated by CNN?

As has been the practice, the "news" network that is directly involved in a debate which involves aspiring presidential candidates always pulls out all the stops when it comes to promoting the event days in advance.

One has to wonder about CNN's involvement regarding the 07/11/28 event. There was a heavy emphasis on questions coming from individuals in a video format -- supposedly these persons came up with the questions and fired them at the competing candidates.

It is most interesting the types of questions that were asked -- unlike anything so far in the way they were asked and with graphic dramatization in some cases!

For instance:

  • A guy held a Bible in his hand and asked if the candidates believed every word in the book he was holding -- then a close up view of the book with the title, "Holy Bible," in prominent view. That sparked interesting responses. Who manipulated that guy to ask that question?

  • A guy asked about gun laws, 2nd Amendment rights, etc. For dramatic effect someone who is out of view of the camera tosses a shotgun to him which he catches with one hand and immediately proceeds to "load" by activating the slide action. Again, is this a case of "clever" manipulation or what?

  • Now for the clincher -- the issue of abortion and a question posed that if Congress overturned Roe v. Wade and sent the legislation to the person who was at that time president, would he sign the bill? Again, a real scramble and fancy footwork when it came to responding!

Now for the real question on these shenanigans -- will CNN orchestrate an identical format for the Democrats for their next debate -- same questions worded in the very same way plus the drama?

Or maybe Fox News can do it -- you know, that "glamor channel" with dancing graphics, packed full of ads, and a few "news" comments thrown in now and then with a stress on the fact that Fox News is "fair and balanced" -- and, oh yes, a ticker going once in a while until the ads knock it off until they run their course!

As we grind through 2008 we can be assured that these networks that claim to be "news" dispensers will attempt to manipulate their audiences in every way possible to get us to vote for their preferred "candidate!"

The safe way is to view these people with a high level of suspicion whenever you are exposed to them -- it helps immensely to employ that great button on the remote at times -- it says, "MUTE!"

This, by the way, has been written by one who is officially a "Non-affiliated" registered voter.

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