Saturday, October 23, 2010

Can You Really Trust a Mudslinger?

A restaurant conversation centered at one point on the subject of the political campaigns with one person making a statement that there has never been a time when the ads have been more negative than during the weeks preceding the elections of 2010!

I told some people recently that I would like to meet and shake the hand of the person who invented the mute button on a TV remote control. I would also express deep appreciation to that person for the great contribution made through such an invention, because I use it constantly -- not only to silence the commercial ads that drag on and on and on for minutes, but especially the political ads that have come upon us like a tsunami generated by an 8.7 magnitude earthquake under the ocean!

These political ads all have a common thread -- commonly known as "mudslinging" which reveals more about character of the politician who is involved in such tactics than he or she would honestly admit. Mudslinging is the vain attempt to paint one's opponent as being the very worst person possible and totally unqualified to hold public office. The person who is doing the mudslinging portrays himself or herself as the "savior" who will transform our government into an institution controlled by the holiest of saints and will usher in an utopian era for all Americans! Literally, as they tell it, we will indeed have a heaven on earth -- so God can just stay in His Heaven because we have already set up our own and we don't need Him around. But then, haven't we in the United States made decisions in the past in one way or another that have essentially told God to mind His own business and that certain areas are off limits to Him to start with?

So the question -- can you really trust a mudslinger? The answer is quite obvious -- any person who engages in such tactics or places a stamp of approval on such ads which are promoting his/her candidacy is immediately suspect as to what kind of moral and ethical standards are being practiced in every day life. It does present a dilemma when one goes into the voting booth this year, because there are no exceptions to this bombardment of very negative ads of attack. It comes down to this -- while I would much prefer not to vote at all, yet I will exercise my right as a citizen of this republic to vote -- but I will be approaching the ballot with this thought in mind -- "Which of these is the lesser of two or three evils (or however many are running for the office). This has been the problem for decades at the state and federal levels.

Be assured that the person who has engaged in mudslinging tactics to get elected will be untrustworthy when taking office. He/she will employ lots of rhetoric to try to convince us that he/she has our best interest at heart -- yea, sure!

Is it too much to ask of a person seeking public office that they simply stress point by point what he/she will do if elected and not mention a word about the opponent, nor engaging in the mudslinging tactic of trying to convince us that the opponent is in reality a disguised Frankenstein monster? Yes, I guess it really is too much to ask, since no candidate is willing to do it!

But there is good news, folks -- the day is coming when all politicians will be removed from office -- a different Administration will be in charge, and it will be world-wide in scope. The summary is found in the concluding statement just below from the book of The Revelation which spells out clearly that God indeed does have the last word, not humans and this includes politicians!

By the way, in the meantime we can pray that God will return upon their heads the fruit of their doings (such action is Biblical) -- it will be interesting to see what happens as praying people begin to make such an appeal to the Creator of this mighty universe!

Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!" --- Revelation 11:15

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