Thursday, September 19, 2013

Confronting the Gun Issue - A Modest Proposal!

As of this writing, the mass media continue to exploit the shooting incident at a Washington DC Navy Yard in which 12 people were killed. Perhaps one disappointment on part of anti-gun people is the fact that the shooter used a shotgun rather than an AR-15 (considered an assault weapon) which really cranks up the adrenalin of the crowd that wants more and more gun control legislation with the eventual goal of removing all firearms from possession by law abiding citizens.

It was on Monday, September 16th, that Aaron Alexis went on a shooting rampage that resulted in 12 persons being killed at the Navy Yard in Washington DC.

As might be expected it was somewhat like an old fashioned revival as the anti-gun people got their bandwagon back in high gear AGAIN!

Below is the text of a fax being sent to all the members of Congress from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The message will also be sent to many senators from other states as well. Among the first will be the "champion" of "gun control" legislation, none other than Dianne Feinstein of California!

By the way, the little double barrel derringer pictured above is chambered for a .45 but will also shoot .410 gage shotgun shells -- it is in a concealed place in our home where I have quick access in light of the fact that in our county the number of home invasions has been steadily increasing due to the growing drug problem. In the event of a home invasion at our residence it could result in a sudden fatal case of lead poisoning!

Text of letter is as follows:

To Members of Congress:

The furor over gun control has erupted again in wake of the DC Navy Yard killings. Please note a recommendation in dealing with the gun issue.

Enact the following legislation: 1. Anyone who commits a crime with a firearm and is convicted on irrefutable evidence shall be sentenced to life in prison with no appeal and no parole. 2. Anyone who kills another person or persons by use of a firearm and is convicted on irrefutable evidence shall be sentenced to death by means of lethal injection with no appeal. These sentences shall be consistently carried out in all 50 states of our republic and any judge who tries to block such sentences shall be immediately removed from office.

By enacting the above legislation there will be no threat to the purchase and owning of firearms by law abiding citizens nor any attempt to confiscate the firearms which they have in their possession at the present time.

A parting question for serious thinking: why is there outrage when an incident such as the Navy Yard shootings takes place and no similar outrage that on the very same day hundreds of unborn children were intentionally mutilated and murdered with the killers being paid big bucks for doing the killings?

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Clayton D. Harriger, Pastor

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