Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hypocrisy of the First Magnitude in DC -- AGAIN!

Below is the text of a fax which was sent earlier today to my reps in Washington DC, Senators Casey and Toomey and Representative Rothfus (12th District in PA).

Also pointed out is the repulsive hypocrisy of the present resident of the White House in Washington DC. He is making a big issue of the fact that 400 children were victims of the use of chemical weapons in Syria in addition to hundreds of adult victims. While he goes on a tirade about this and how we need to punish the leader of Syria for such criminal acts, there will be about 7 times that number of unborn children brutally mutilated and murdered in the United States today and each week day. Total number of victims, since the infamous Supreme Court ruling in 1973 declaring it is a woman's constitutional "right" to have her unborn child murdered, is now over 56 million!

September 4, 2013

To My Representative in Washington DC

Do not support military action against Syria at any time! Military action will only result in a quagmire with which we are totally unprepared to deal!

The president mentions about 400 children being victims of a chemical attack which took place in Syria. Please remind him that each day hundreds of unborn children are brutally mutilated and murdered here in the United States. What concern has he shown about these thousands of victims each week of the year? Total death toll is now at about 56 million since 1973!

Thank you for considering this request.

Clayton D. Harriger, Belsano, PA 15922
Phone: 814-749-6960

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