Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Animal Rights People & Polar Bear Cubs -- Ugggh!

His name is Knut -- cute little fellow born early in December at a zoo in Berlin, Germany. His mother rejected him and his brother with the result that the brother died, but Knut was rescued by a zoo keeper and was given round-the-clock attention. He has gotten a lot of publicity and his pictures have warmed the hearts of a lot of people with some notable exceptions!

Seems some animal rights people are up in arms about this "rescue" and are going on record that Knut should have been left to die because that's what would have happened out in the wild.

Further, according to the "animal rights" people, Knut should not be cared for by humans -- in the words of one such person, "Hand-rearing a polar bear is not appropriate and is a serious violation of animal rights."

It apparently has not dawned on such people that all living creatures which are residents of a large number of zoos all over the world are "hand-reared" in that they are fed by humans, provided living quarters by humans, and treated by humans when they are ill!

A couple of questions here -- do these people show an equal concern for the "rights" of unborn children -- or is their position one in which you just let them die by mutilation and murder by the thousands each week since that is "nature's way?"

And the real critical question is this -- is it true that to be an animal activist, such as the one who made the above quoted statement, the basic requirement is that you are not permitted to have an IQ level which measures above 47?

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