Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Favorite Anecdote :-)

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven:.....a time to weep, and a time to laugh........ -- Ecclesiastes 3:1,4a

Within the many acres of material on my web site, Circuit Rider's Range, there is a parcel named, "Circuit Rider's Humor Hut," or something akin to that. It's a collection of items to tickle the rib cage. Yes, strange as it may seem, I can smile occasionally and even come out with a chuckle or two!

One of my favorites ranking high on the list of good stuff is this one which circulated quite a while back in one form or another. It goes like this:

Jacob was in an excavation project on his farm in Israel. Suddenly he came across something most unusual -- it was a mummified body! So he took an amount of time to examine this object.

After the examination, he called the curator of a museum in Jerusalem. Very excited, he told the man, "I've found the mummified body of a man on my farm. He's about 3,000 years old and he died of a heart attack!"

The response was quite negative -- "There's no way you could know how long ago the man lived or how he died -- the body has to be checked with high tech equipment and analyzed to determine how long ago the individual lived and what really caused his death. So we'll come out, pick up the body and then check it out. We'll get back to you and give you the facts. Give us some time on this because it will take a while in making our determination."

A few days passed by and one day Jacob's phone rang. On the other end was an excited curator of the museum in Jerusalem. First words were, "Jacob, you were right -- the man lived about 3,000 years ago and he did die of a massive heart attack -- death was instantaneous! But how did you know that?"

Jacob simply replied, "I found a betting slip in his hand which said, '100 shekels on Goliath!'"

OK, a PS -- to help in the setting of this thing for some who may wonder what that has to do with anything -- David, the young lad who knocked off a heavily armed 9 foot giant named Goliath with a rock dead center to the forehead with a sling, lived about 3,000 years ago. This confrontation took place in view of two armies -- the Israelites headed up by King Saul and the Philistines whose champion, Goliath, carried sword, shield and spear. Head of the spear weighed about 15 pounds or so. And the coat of mail on his upper torso weighed about 250 pounds! So, if any betting did take place, the Vegas gang of those days would have said it's in the bag for Goliath -- David isn't even given a long shot when it comes to the odds. Some of us get real excited about that incident, because it reminds us that a committed Christian and God make up the majority in any situation, with God obviously being the senior Partner! If you want to say "Amen!" it's permissable -- the walls won't crack and the ceiling won't collapse!

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