Wednesday, March 19, 2008

By the Way, Have You Met Theo?

My web site, Circuit Rider's Range, would not be what it is if it were not for Theo. He has been a tremendous help over the years since the site got up and running. Our acquaintance goes back many, many years. So I'll let him say hello to you and then I will continue providing some more of just who he is.

Theo, say 'hello' to our visitors and keep it short, if you can get your feet settled down for a bit.

"Hello, folks! And welcome to this blog. CR, Circuit Rider, CDH -- these are terms by which I refer to my boss -- will tell you some of my background and how it came about that we are working together. He will probably refer you to that special place he picked out for me which really gives you the details about me. I can't help moving around -- I'm so excited at being CR's Administrative Assistant on the Range and in some other places such as his blog. See you around!"

Theo mentioned that he is my Administrative Assistant -- hey, don't be surprised -- my bishop, Tom Bickerton, of the W. PA Annual Conference is getting a full time assistant starting this July, so why shouldn't I have someone helping me with the responsibility of keeping a web site and blog going? Of course, Theo isn't getting the kind of salary and perks that the bishop's new assistant will get, but he seems reasonably satisfied with what he gets.

It has been a good thing to have Theo helping because then I can keep a close eye on him. You see, his past life has been at times very shady -- in fact, it is practical criminal but in a different way than people who rob, assault, kill, traffic in drugs, etc.

Theo is not his full name but you will have to go to the special place I set up for him to find out what it is. So without further ado, slip on over to Theo's "special place" and let him tell you all about himself. It's at:

The Theology Pit!

I must say in closing that the relationship that Theo and I have has a lot to do with the Bible. You know, that very controversial book that a lot of people have trouble believing? And this includes some who identify as theologians, seminary professors, church leaders, pastors, and folks who sit in church pews Sunday after Sunday!

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