Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sue Gun Makers? How About More Destructive Products Which No One Wants to Mention?

"Democratic mayoral nominee John F. Street announced yesterday that if elected, he would sue gun manufacturers for flooding the markets with guns that fall into the hands of criminals and children.

Standing with State Rep. Dwight Evans, a former Democratic mayoral candidate who made guns the centerpiece of his primary campaign, Street said the suit also would take manufacturers to task for not providing safety locks on guns and for 'misleading advertising as to the safety of guns in the home.'" --- part of a news release "gem" from out of the past in a city in south eastern Pennsylvania which is representative of the gun control crowd that is determined to save us from ourselves -- the disease with which they are infected has spread throughout the country at large!

Common sense would dictate that if you are in the timber business and you are going to cut trees down and sell them, you don't go for a sapling about 4 inches in diameter or so -- sure would take a big pile of them to load a Peterbilt powered log truck! No, you concentrate on those trees that are at least 15 inches or so in diameter at the base -- preferably you are in an area where the trees are even larger than that -- the more inches, the more gold that will be put in the treasure chest!!

So we have these people that take fits like a dog frothing at the mouth when someone shoots someone or a number of persons. In such a frenzy the cry goes out to get rid of the guns, etc. And the media help to publicize these things most effectively.

How about we start with the big timber first? How about we get rid of all alcoholic beverages or at least sue the manufacturers of such products? Anybody out there man enough or woman enough to dig up all the deaths in a year's time in this country that are the result of drinking alcoholic beverages and compare those numbers with how many have been shot by firearms? Let's start with those killed in auto accidents by drunk drivers. But there are other circumstances in which someone took a few drinks of booze, and then in a rage killed somebody -- yes, they may even have used a gun -- but then again, maybe it was a knife, a meat cleaver, a hammer, or a ball bat! Or the drunk who stomped another guy to death in a bar room "confrontation" as happened years ago in the area where I was born and raised.

However, it is not just violent death at issue here as a result of the consumption of alcohol. It is impossible to calculate the damage done when families are abused in many ways by a member who has to have his or her booze, marriage break-ups, loss of employment, property damage, injuries due to fighting, rape and molestation -- are you getting the picture here?

Add it ALL up and the gun problem quickly fades into the background -- now the "big timber" dominates the scene! But nothing will be done, in part because most are unwilling to face reality on this, such as the politician mentioned at the beginning who shot his mouth off about suing gun manufacturers. Suing the makers of alcoholic beverages would be unthinkable to him and others of his breed!

Further, nothing will be done because:

  • too many politicians like to have their own little (or big) nip on a regular basis -- so while some would be willing to sue the gun makers, they would never sue the booze makers!

  • too many parents also like their booze and keep it around the house and then wonder why their little tykes get into trouble for drinking and "partying!"

  • media executives would not want this deadly menace eliminated because they get tons of money in revenue from advertising -- ever watch a NFL game and observe who are big advertisers during those hours?

  • at least some states would not want the stuff banned, such as my home state of Pennsylvania which is in the business of selling hard liquor and wine for profit!

But the day will come when it will be ended -- the booze business will be out of business, just as noted elsewhere in this blog, all politicians will no longer hold office -- you don't believe it? How about consulting the Creator of this universe about the matter and listen to what He says and ask Him precisely what His future plans are for this world!

With that I rest my case!

Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!" --- Revelation 11:15

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