Friday, September 19, 2008

Can I Really Help a Terminally Ill Patient, If I'm a Terminal Case Myself?

Feds Plan Huge Bank Bailout - Paulsen: Hundreds of billions of dollars needed to address the problem --- Internet news headline, September 19, 2008

They do it again and again – those “bail-outs” of gigantic firms that have gone belly-up financially. And now the latest announcement of the bail out of banks which as Treasurer Secretary Paulson put it – “Hundreds of billions needed to address the problem.” President Bush and various officials are scrambling to deal with the issue as the stock market took a critical nose dive. After announcements of action to continue the "bail out" operation of various companies and financial institutions the stock market took off into the wild blue yonder with a big trail of GREEN! That is, for the time being.

Now there's a question here and it’s a legitimate one – suppose you are in over your eye balls in debt and a relative is on verge of bankruptcy and comes to you for financial help, would you or more importantly, could you give the cash needed to help that relative?

Think for bit -- here’s the federal government bailing out these big businesses, one after another, and “loaning” horrendous amounts of money – how? Our country is over 9 trillion dollars in debt and the hole is being dug deeper and deeper as time passes!

Isn’t this sort of like

  • A terminal cancer patient in the last hours of life trying to console and comfort another cancer patient in the same condition as suggested in the title above?

  • A blind man trying to lead another blind man across an eight lane freeway in the middle of rush hour traffic?

  • An alcoholic trying to help another alcoholic recover as together they drink their 3rd bottle of Jack Daniels with 2 more bottles to go?

  • A person who can’t swim jumping out of a boat in water 100 feet deep and trying to rescue another person who is going down for the third time?

Now then, if you dare, check what the latest is in regard to our national debt at
National Debt Clock -- use reverse feature to come back to this place. But notice while you are there the fact that this debt translates into over $31,600.00 per citizen in this country. There are other items of information and links at that location.

What is not recognized by high ranking officials in business and government is that money is a most uncertain commodity. Money is also a very powerful false "god" with people and organized groups of one kind or another (banks, companies, corporations, governments at all levels, etc.) willing to do anything and everything to get their hands on huge amounts of it! In fact, money may be the false "god" that holds sway over greater numbers of people in this country and in this world than any other "god" or "goddess."

Therefore the person applying common sense coupled with a keen sensitivity to spiritual reality recognizes that the true and living God Who created this vast universe by spoken command will at a time determined by Him bring judgment on the false deities which humans have established for themselves -- and this includes the "god" of money! In fact God has made a statement to the effect that He will "famish" the "gods" of this world.

And since I'm in a rather good mood at this point in time, I'll let you hunt that statement up -- I'll even help you by giving a hint -- it's in the Old Testament! There, I've narrowed it down for you -- really, I'm a nice guy, however there are times when people just won't let me be nice!

But alas! I digress -- while the U. S. government will appear to be successful for a time in "shoring up" the finances of the country, just keep in mind that it is like trying to shore up a mine shaft with timbers riddled by termites! Or to put it another way, it's like the government flushing money down an object that is considered an absolute necessity in every home!

The righteous also shall see and fear, And shall laugh at him, saying, "Here is the man who did not make God his strength, but trusted in the abundance of his riches, and strengthened himself in his wickedness." --- Psalm 52:6, 7

But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: for men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money..... --- 2 Timothy 3:1, 2a

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