Friday, February 6, 2009

Partying in Williamsburg VA!

President Obama spoke of his first ride in Air Force One and expressed with a big smile, “I like it.”

It was truly a case of “birds of a feather flocking together” as the Democrats held a retreat in Williamsburg VA. They couldn’t do this without President B. Hussein Obama joining them and being on center stage at one point in this circus. He obviously is having no difficulty in adjusting to being center stage wherever he is or wherever he goes in his travels.

And how did he get there? Well, what better opportunity to try out Air Force One than to go to the Dems’ retreat in Williamsburg VA which is only about 147 miles down the road from DC! Marine One (the president’s personal helicopter) could have made the trip with much less expense – so much for a little sacrifice and a bit of savings to the American taxpayer from one who has talked and talked and talked (add as many talks as you want even if it fills an 18 wheeler to the point of overload in its load capacity!) about sacrificing, cutting back on some expenses and foregoing some “luxuries” we may have been used to – such as running those gas guzzling SUV’s!

His attempt at some humor would earn him a –F grade, or if the grading system has been revised to go all the way to Z, then he would get a -Z. He mentioned that his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel (who has a big foul mouth reputation), was teaching profanity to underprivileged children! This one got howls of laughter indicating the amused ones are plagued with an ignorance that defies description. First, they (including the president) are extremely ignorant of how Almighty God views profanity and a filthy mouth that spews out the same! Second, there obviously is no desire to set a noble example in conduct and speech for children and youth. These people who are supposed to be leaders fulfill the definition of profanity by one wise observer who declared that “profanity is the effort of a feeble mind trying to express itself forcibly!”

The president took an ample amount of time to further compliment Democratic leaders for their work. He especially praised Nancy Pelosi for her work in the House of Representatives and help with the gigantic stimulus bill being proposed. Queen Nancy, you remember, is Speaker of the House and the one who just recently made the statement about 500 million Americans losing their jobs – yes, that’s what she said – it’s on video. But not to be too hard on the Queen of the House – perhaps she was also including a few generations not yet born – that is, those who manage to survive the abortion binge the country is on at the present time. The United States only has about 305 million population in this year of 2009!

And the president had to take a shot at some cable networks though he did not specifically name any – but he used the term, “cable chatter,” different times, failing to realize he was on some cable channels himself as he stumped for that stimulus bill – was that not a bit of “cable chatter?” At least some citizens would prefer the other kind of “chatter” – it’s easier to stomach than is the Obama brand!

A confession – watching and listening to the antics presently taking place in Washington DC can be a very depressing experience – especially when you see no evidence produced by those elected officials that they are willing to do some sacrificing while piously calling upon us citizens to tighten our belts and do the sacrificing until things improve!

So I say again as I have often said previously – hang on, keep the faith and remember that it will not always be like this and we will not always be saddled with such leadership as presently exists at both state and federal levels – God is going to do a big change one of these days throughout this world – a change that is far beyond our limited ability to begin to comprehend. The below statement says it all!

Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!" --- Revelation 11:15


charley said...

I guess there is no humor in heaven.

PA Maverick said...

Ah, Charley -- is your concept of heaven one that has to include humor -- the kind that is defined by this world's standards? There is at least one instance in the Scripture account of God laughing, but the circumstance is out of the ordinary and the Hebrew word for laugh in this instance conveys the idea of a mocking kind of laughter or scorn! How about we allow God to determine the extent of humor in His heaven, since it is His domain to begin with. While at times we humans have a tendency to want to call all the shots in whatever is going on, it has always been a much more intelligent approach to depend on God and take the humble position that He should be in charge of everything, wouldn't you say?