Friday, June 6, 2008

President B. O? An Unprecedented Nightmare Beginning January 2009!

And the LORD spoke by His servants the prophets, saying, "Because Manasseh king of Judah has done these abominations (he has acted more wickedly than all the Amorites who were before him, and has also made Judah sin with his idols), therefore thus says the LORD God of Israel: 'Behold, I am bringing such calamity upon Jerusalem and Judah, that whoever hears of it, both his ears will tingle.'......... Moreover Manasseh shed very much innocent blood, till he had filled Jerusalem from one end to another, besides his sin with which he made Judah sin, in doing evil in the sight of the LORD. --- 2 Kings 21:10-12, 16

It appears to be simply a matter of a few months and our republic will be under the domination of President B. O! Will McCain take the White House? Not likely -- there is something about B. O. that is unlike any person yet who has aspired to be president of the United States.

Think about it -- here's a guy who literally came from out of nowhere -- spent a limited time in the Illinois Legislature -- made it for the U. S. Senate on his first try and was selected (or was it a contrived set up?) as keynote speaker at the Democratic Convention last time around in electing a president with bulk of mass media all goo-goo eyed over this guy! It is inaccurate to call it "charisma" -- it is something more than that -- a kind of "anointing" but obviously not from Almighty God!

How could the election of B. O. to be president be a nightmare for the republic of the United States?

First, he's too young for such a position -- a person in his 40's cannot handle that kind of power and position responsibly. He will abuse this thing of issuing "executive orders" -- that is when a president becomes a dictator and by a stroke of the pen issues orders for things to be done -- the Congress is totally bypassed -- and we've already had too much of that in past administrations! Evidence is overwhelming that persons in their 40's elevated to positions of extensive power have abused that power due to lack of wisdom, common sense and failure to fulfill the responsibility in the fear of God!

The attempt might be made to cite John Kennedy as being in his 40's when elected president and that he was a "good" president. That is open to debate -- and what is definitely known is that Kennedy had raging hormones out of control and literally threw his marriage vows out the window more than a couple of times! God has spelled out what is required in those who govern and Kennedy flunked out on those clear requirements!

Second, B. O. will be regarded as the "Commander in Chief" of the military. It will not help the morale of the military branches of service in knowing a kid is in charge of all operations! Plus the fact that this kid has had no military experience whatsoever. It is easy to get reckless in using the power of the military -- and we've seen that happen in times past also!

Third, all indications are that he will be calling for more taxes under some kind of pretense or other. But then politicians in past decades have been notorious for increased taxes -- and once in a while try to convince us that they are our friends by giving a token "rebate" to help the economy! B. O. will not launch any kind of campaign to reduce the burden of our taxes -- it will still be spend, spend, spend, spend (add as many "spends" as you want!).

Fourth, he will zealously support the deceptive "constitutional right" to mutilate and murder unborn children! Further, B. O. will attempt to remove any and all barriers when it comes to protecting the lives of the unborn -- he will be a major contributor to the ongoing U. S. version of Holocaust! He stonewalled the effort in Illinois to protect the lives of the unborn in the late stages of pregnancy!

Of course what B. O. and all governing powers as well as mainline church groups fail to realize is that God has yet to make His response to a nation which claims that all persons should have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Somehow we seem to have adopted the attitude that God isn't paying any attention to the fact that we have destroyed nearly 50 million unborn children since January of 1973!

Cited above is one king from out of the past who was heady with power and thought he could ignore the holy standards which Almighty God has spelled out for the sane, sensible, healthy, peaceful and ongoing survival of a culture. B. O. will prove to be no exception to this!

Do not mistake these comments to be an endorsement for John McCain. Neither major political party has anything significant to offer when it comes to addressing the most serious ethical, moral and spiritual problems which are pulling our nation along a path to sure and certain destruction!

A number of us will be looking for a third party candidate who exhibits qualities needed such as those found in an effective leader known as Joshua a long time ago. Is such a person out there some where who can lead us out of this spiritual chaos in which we presently find ourselves?

"No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life; as I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will not leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and of good courage, for to this people you shall divide as an inheritance the land which I swore to their fathers to give them. Only be strong and very courageous, that you may observe to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may prosper wherever you go. This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success." --- Joshua 1:5-8

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