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What About that Obama Fellow in the U.S. Senate?

I received some forwarded emails on being alert to Senator Barack Obama who has expressed more than a tad of interest in becoming the next president of the United States. The emails provided "information" on his background and training, including attendance at a school identified as being Muslim. Then an email decried this tactic, appealing to what he has written and stated in recent years, as well as his becoming a member of a church in Chicago. I sent a "Reply All" email in response to all this barage -- here it is ---------------------

Copy of "Reply All" email sent by CDH --\/

Hi ..........and All:

I have been the recipient of emails on the subject of Barack Obama from a number of sources, and it seems I am on the mailing list of a rather large number of persons and groups. The fact that the mass media seems to be enraptured with him and he is considered a kind of charismatic personality so suddenly thrown into the national and international spotlight is a challenge for any person of voting age to consider.

It is unfortunate that some information seems to want to categorize him as a Muslim "terrorist."

Checking into his background and some of his own statements in his writings would qualify him to be more in line with what is known as very liberal Christianity which has had a very negative and detrimental influence in this country for decades.The essense of that brand of "faith" is a questioning of portions of the holy Scriptures if not outright denial and support of moral standards and practices which God clearly condemns in His revelation to us (i.e. acceptance of homosexuality and lesbianism as a legitimate way of life; support of abortion on demand, etc.) -- liberal theology has done its greatest damage in church circles by denying the reality of Who Jesus Christ really is, His purpose for coming to earth, His literal resurrection from the dead, and His promised return to earth again!

Here are 2 quotes from B. Obama in his book, Audacity of Hope:

“I thought of Sasha, asking me once what happened when we die— ‘I don’t want to die, Daddy,” she had added matter-of-factly—and I hugged her and said, ‘You’ve got a long way to go before you have to worry about that,’ which seemed to satisfy her. I wondered whether I should have told her the truth, that I wasn’t sure what happens when we die, any more than I was sure where the soul resides or what existed before the Big Bang.” P 126

“I am not willing to have the state deny American citizens a civil union that confers equivalent rights on such basic matters as hospital visitation or health insurance coverage simply because the people they love are of the same sex—nor am I willing to accept a reading of the Bible that considers an obscure line in Romans to be more defining of Christianity than the Sermon on the Mount.” P 222

Obama's church can be checked out at:

Those who have experienced the reality of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and know His presence with them in daily life are not hesitant about what happens to them at death and they know the essential facts of how this universe got its start and the fact that we were all identified and known in the mind of God even before we were conceived in our mothers' wombs -- further, that God has a plan for every conceived human being (Check Jeremiah 1:4,5 and Psalm 139 on this matter).

Actually, neither political party has anything significant to offer the 300 million citizens of our republic. There are sources on the internet which can verify that elected officials have been concerned mainly with their own salaries and lavish perks as opposed to what they can do for the benefit of the citizens they claim to represent. Anyone will be more than a bit upset when they compare elected officials' salaries and perk benefits with that of the average citizen they say they represent!

It is doubful that Obama or any other member of congress or presidentail candidate will do anything constructive about this glaring hypocrisy.Worse than that is the fact that this republic destroys on average about 100,000 unborn children every month of the year. Even under a professing "pro-life" president nothing has been done to curb the United States' version of "holocaust!"

Barack Obama's voting record on issues concerning the unborn has been more pro-abortion than pro-life!

On this last issue I recently posted a commentary on the matter of destruction of the unborn at

Who will be elected as our next president in 2008? Right now, it's anybody's guess -- but whoever wins it, it is highly doubtful that the individual can exert the influence necessary to see this country do a 180 degree turn and start taking the call and claims of Jesus Christ seriously!Read the books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel to see why I just said that.

Still contending at

Uncle C.

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and non-affiliated registered voter in Cambria County PA

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