Sunday, February 4, 2007

North American Union in the future or what?

Seems like lots of things are going on behind the scenes -- a kind of manipulating and snapping of the fingers type of thing by people in positions of wealth, power, and extensive influence -- they have an agenda and piece by piece it's falling into place. There is this thing going on in the state of Texas -- the TTC or Trans-Texas Corridor -- a gigantic combination of highway, pipeline, and railroad systems running parallel over the same piece of real estate from the Gulf of Mexico to northeastern border of Texas -- but it won't stop there -- goal is to have this monstrosity go all the way to the Canadian border!

There are suggestions for changes as to security etc. with talk that when this thing falls into place we won't deal with secure borders between Mexico and the U.S. or Canada and the U.S. -- it will be more like securing the boundaries of all three countries combined -- forget about the 2 areas between the U. S. and the other two countries!

Some seem to be dreaming of the day that this thing will resemble what has taken place in Europe -- formation of the Euopean Union and eventually a standard currency for all the countries which is called the euro. Formation of a NAU would likely result in elimination of the dollar and a standard currency for the union which would be known as the amero. The dollar is on shaky ground and China has a lot of dollars in its money drawers -- a delegation with high ranking officials from the U.S. recently went to China for the express purpose of persuading the Chinese not to convert their hoard of dollars to the Euopean euro!

China is also deeply involved in the expansion of the Panama Canal in order to accomodate larger ships with more cargo, of which most will end up unloading at Texas ports.

As this thing plays itself out, one thing will eventually be forfeited which the majority of United States citizens could hardly care less about -- they are too busy pursuing their goals of getting money, things, and pleasures to give time and thought to the destiny of this republic which at the present time is in very hot water with the Creator of this universe! That one thing is the sovereignty of a republic identified as the United States of America, which has a Constitution that is slowly but steadily being shredded with U.S. citizens loosing basic freedoms and rights one by one!

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