Thursday, February 8, 2007

Very Few People Can Handle Power and Wealth Responsibly!

Can anyone tell me why I am not surprised by this latest development? In today's edition of our local paper there is turmoil in Washington DC over Nancy Pelosi's desire for a larger Air Force aircraft than previous Speakers of the House of Reps have made use of in the past! Seems Big John Murtha (Rep of the district in which I live in south central PA) is pulling for her and possibly putting a bit of pressure on the Pentagon to comply with this request -- he does have some clout when it comes to the Pentagon, didn't you know?

This latest escapade simply underscores what has been long established as standard operating procedures for unregenerate human beings who by attitude demonstrate that the spiritual, moral, and ethical laws of the Creator of this universe are to be deliberately ignored at all times! If you start to take all those laws seriously as put in place by Almighty God, then it means an extreme sensitivity as to how wealth and power are going to be utilized -- and always with a clear understanding of a basic fact of life -- "At some point in the future my life on earth will come to an end and I shall give a complete accounting of my life on earth, what came into my life by way of resources, and how that was all used -- my time, my abilities, and my material goods -- and whether or not it was used to fulfill the purpose God had planned for me, or I did it all "my way" in the spirit of Frank Sinatra's very popular song!" That song by the way very well describes the theme song of not a few people dwelling on this planet.

In an earlier post it was discussed that the "Green Death" is the plague of the 21st Century as opposed to the "Black Death" of the the Middle Ages. Power and wealth are simply more than most people can handle wisely -- with politicians as an outstanding example. Did you ever see a politician retire in a state of bankruptcy? Check the retirement benefits alone which they have set up for themselves -- this was not determined by vote of the citizens, as it should be.

OK -- how about this? In today's (Feb 9, 2007) edition of our local paper, the front page had a headline article on the "retirement" of state politicans from Harrisburg PA -- there were 37 who retired or failed to win reelection -- Pennsylvania, by the way, has about the most cumbersome legislature of all 50 states. So here are some numbers to chew on -- this bunch took lump sum payments amounting to nearly $4 million dollars! Just the average pension will be $43,000 per year -- one of the fat cats took a $153,000 lump sum payment and will receive $4,257.00 a month for the rest of his life! And these people whine and cry because of taxpayer attitudes toward politicians at both state and federal levels! Now back to the comments made yesterday about Nancy P. and John E. ------>

On same page describing Nancy's latest debacle was an article on John Edwards and a picture of the new mansion he is building for himself and family. It sits on land valued at $1.1 million and the 28,000 square foot "house" will be worth a few million. John made his wealth as a trial lawyer -- you know, one of those guys that encourages you to go out and sue someone for something and get hundreds of thousands if not millions in a settlement, with guys like John getting a very hefty slice of the pie! And John is going to make another try at it for the high office of president of the U.S.A. Doesn't that possibility lift your spirit to paradise? Oh, by the way, a "conerstone" in John's campaign platform will be the elimination of poverty -- John is "anti-poverty" all the way making mention from time to time of "two Americas" -- one for the wealthy and one for the poor, causing Jay Leno to make the comment, "Well, I think we know which America he's living in!"

Just remember, when you see the constant abuse of wealth and power in the "land of the free and the home of the brave," you are seeing people who are a disgusting witness to the fact that very, very few persons can handle that wealth and power in a responsible manner -- it's always a "me first" philosophy no matter whom I tread underfoot nor what it costs to be "king" or "queen" of the hill!

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